Alveolit is an outstanding material for use as cap seals.

Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, Alveolit is well established as a seal material used in the cosmetics, industrial and medical fields. Special grades of Alveolit have been developed to meet requirements of packaging materials for direct contact with foodstuffs.

ALVEOLIT is a closed-cell, physically cross-linked polyolefin sheet foam. The characteristics of Alveolit can be adjusted to suit specific requirements by fine-tuning the composition or the raw density.
Alveolit TA, Alveolit TA BR and Alveolit TA SF are proven, well-suited materials for cap seals.

Alveolit is produced in a three-stage process consisting of extrusion, cross-linking and foaming. The solid foaming agent is mixed and then extruded together with the polymer and other additives to form a compact unfoamed sheet.
The sheet is then cross-linked by exposure to a high-energy electron beam, before the foaming agent in the sheet is heat activated.
Foaming is free and in the vertical direction.

General properties:
Main characteristics of Alveolit:

  • excellent physical properties
  • fine and regular closed-cell structure
  • high-quality surface on both sides
  • high elasticity
  • inert to a wide range of chemicals odourless
  • ecologically and chemically neutral
  • range of softness, depending on type and grade
  • stable across a wide temperature range
  • low water absorption values
  • very low water vapour transmission
  • high resistance against gas permeability

high resistance against gas permeability here as a PDF-file.